Short progress overview for Python 3

The last weeks have seen small progress for Python 3. I've been mostly busy with customer work which always means there is less time for further other work. Another big chunk of work has been getting UCS 4.4 to run as a client. This is still ongoing but the feedback loop on this is rather large which allows for doing other things while tests are running.

We are continuing on our way for replacing opsiconfd with a new implementation based on Tornado. Things are coming along nicely and I am working on adding those small, special features to opsiconfd one after another. The replacement serves requests like a champ and from a functional standpoint the API endpoint does what it is supposed to do.

For the upcoming release I'd like to change the API a little bit by replacing backend_searchIdents, getClients_listOfHashes and getClientIds_list with more specialized methods. Read more about this and join the discussion at the forums!