We proudly present: a new Look for opsi

Right on schedule, opsi unveils a fresh design in celebration of its 20th anniversary. The previous logo has been a companion for two decades: on our website, on mugs, pens, notepads, and gracing the laptops of our dedicated developers and users as stickers. This is the perfect moment for a contemporary makeover with a modern look, fresh colors and a brand-new logo.

Looking back: opsi 20 Years ago

When we released the first version of our client management system 20 years ago, speed was of the essence. The codebase was in place, all applications were running smoothly, but opsi still needed a face. In those early days, we asked a designer friend to craft a provisional logo for opsi. Following the release, our intent was to dedicate time to shaping the brand design.

It unfolded as it inevitably must: we fine-tuned opsi, developed new features and extensions, and focused entirely on the technology. The interim design had firmly entrenched itself. Who would've thought that the provisional solution would endure for two decades?

Our previous opsi logo.

Endearingly referred to as the "coffee cup" by some, the opsi logo has been our faithful companion for twenty years, posing challenges for several graphic designers along the way.

How to define opsi?

Over the past two decades, we've consistently evolved and brought opsi into the modern era, ensuring its technical prowess. However, the outdated brand design didn't really fit. It was time for something new! We were looking for a mascot for opsi, seeking an image that resonated with both our developers and the vibrant community. This raised a fundamental question: what does opsi actually stand for?

The client management software embodies qualities such as helpfulness, empathy, success, communicativeness, diligence, distribution, intelligence, experience, good-naturedness, and connectivity. We've brought all these attributes together in our new mascot:

The new opsi logo with our new mascot.

We believe the bee is a perfect match for us and our community! The bee, a social and hardworking insect, embodies qualities of intelligence and effective communication.

Step-by-step Change

Gradually, the new design will emerge across our websites, within flyers, and in brochures. As we officially unveil opsi 4.3 at this year's it-sa event in Nuremberg, the new look will also find its way into our software. For those who visit our newly designed booth, an opportunity awaits to acquire one of the first opsi stickers sporting the fresh design. By the way: We will gladly provide you with free tickets for the it-sa. Just write us a message at messe@uib.de.

Sneak peek of our new booth at this year's it-sa in Nürnberg.

Sneak peek of our new booth at this year's it-sa in Nürnberg.

We also redesigned the uib logo to better match the fresh look of opsi. Here's to the next 20 years!

Our new uib logo to match the new design.

By the way, the official anniversary celebration is scheduled to take place during opsiconf 2024 in Mainz - yet another reason to attend the forthcoming opsiconf (opsiconf.org). Further information following soon.