Public opsi 4.2 experimental repos

It's not a secret that we are working on getting a new version of opsi out there.

Previous versions of opsi have been mostly developed internally and were only released after they have been declared ready for a public release. With opsi 4.2 we are going a different route and decided to make experimental packages available earlier. Since nearly two weeks we have public repos for the OS packages on OBS. Be aware that these are still experimental and bugs will occur.

At uib we use these repos for our internals tests and since we have them set up more and more people started testing their components against opsi 4.2 which already helped me a tremendously amount in order to discover bugs or problems we need to tackle. We aim at providing an easy way to migrate an up-to-date opsi 4.1 to opsi 4.2 with only very few manual steps.

Right now we only support Debian 10 and Ubuntu 18.04 so we can focus on getting opsi 4.2 out of the door. Additional distributions will be added later. On the technical side it is important that they bring Python 3.6 or newer. Lastly our users demand for new distributions is important for us to be able to priorize what distro to add next.