opsiconf 2018

It is a week already since the first ever opsiconf took place in Mainz, Germany.

I may be a bit biased as I was involved in some smaller parts of the preparation but my focus before the conference was to have a stable release for opsi 4.1 out. However I don't think that you had to be involved to have a good time.

The thing I enjoyed the most were the discussions with various opsi users. I got a lot of input and was able to help users with my knowledge. There was a great feeling of community - it didn't matter if you are an opsi veteran or just starting with opsi - everyone was welcome.

It was great for me to hear how many people actually use the API to automate their workflows with opsi. There have been lighting talks from users showing how they integrated opsi into their system which I found very inspiring!

It sure boosts my wish to improve the API documentation to make the usage simpler - especially for newcomers. If you have any questions now don't hesitate to post them in the fresh opsi development subforum.

The conference was also used to announce the public repositories for opsi on ARM devices. Head over to the announcement in the forums to read more.

I am really happy with how everything went. There is still a bit of room for improvements but it was a good debut in my eyes. If there will be another conference (I hope there will be) I'd love to see more talks given by users next time.

PS: This wasn't the first opsi-centered conference. There hase been the opsi4instituts conference in 2017. Our community sure is busy :)