opsi4instituts conference

On 18th-19th May 2017 the first opsi4instituts conference took place at the Georg Eckard Institute. This conference had a focus on opsi packaging and was a great meet & greet with opsi users from institutes taking part in the German research network Deutsches Forschungsnetzwerk. The response to the first event was amazing. A few days after announcement all seats were already taken.

We want to give special thanks to Detlef Krummel from the project leading group of opsi4instituts and the Georg Eckard Institute. They organized and financed this conference. The range of participants was wide. It varied from people interested in opsi up to long time opsi users.

The program was great and had bits for everyone. At first Detlef talked about security in client infrastructures and how opsi can help with it. Thomas Besser held a talk about the experiences and requirements in the packaging work from opsi4instituts. I myself presented the releasemanagement of opsi, quality assurance, the new opsi 4.x test environment, what is new in opsi 4.0 and what will come with opsi 4.1. In addition I also had a small track on the second conference day. This track focused on packaging best practices and made a live coding session with the webservice and methods of opsi. uib's technical partners c.a.p.e. IT GmbH and Univention GmbH also participated in the conference. Rico Barth (c.a.p.e. IT GmbH) presented the opsi-inventory integration in kixdesk. Ben Haberhauer (Univention GmbH) talked about opsi integration on Univention Corporate Server (UCS).

We have had two large open discusions. In both all of the participants had the chance to discuss most of the questions directly with the project leaders of opsi4instituts and the vendor of opsi. Many experiences were shared at this conference. After the first day a social event was held in the old town of Braunschweig. The city is great and I can recommend everyone to plan a visit there. Also the "Source Hollandaise" was great ;)

It was also amazong to see what GEI has done. We had a tour through the library of GEI. There we learned what the GEI does in regard to worldwide schoolbook research. It was very interesting to see how different the world is regarding this topic. In my personal opinion this is a very important research. Thank you for this valuable insights.

Many ideas were born at this conference and we will try to meet again in 2018. We will announce more information ASAP.

opsi4instituts conference participants