opsi-utils: Now with manpages! (Again!)

Do you know that feeling when you are sure certain things exist but others don't? I had that exact feeling a short while ago during a discussing with one of our support staff. I thought it would be a good idea to show the documentation so I told him to just open the manpages.

After a short silence he said that there are no manpages and he'd be surprised if there would be. But I was certain, I did bring them into the build process and the files are there! We checked and he was right: no manpages existed. There weren't even appropriate files to be found on the server. That seemed impossible!

After I checked the script used for creating the packages everything seemed good. But it began to dawn on me why there were no manpages installed.

The old building process all took place on one machine where we would manually update the working copy of the repository and then run a script that gave us three files we would then load into OBS. That script did also include the manpages.

Because there are usually only few changes on the options of the utility script the creation of the manpages was a separate script. Our manpages are written in asciidoc and then converted into the required format. This makes writing them very easy. After they are converted to the manpage format we use them for all the different distributions we support.

This was not a problem as long as we kept building on that machine and only updated the files in our working copy. But a while ago we switched to Jenkins to fulfill this task whenever we push something new onto the repository. The switch was successful but one thing was forgotten: running the script that creates the manpages!

The fix was a small one and since opsi-utils the manpages are installed alongside the programs. Again.