Improved backup handling

Small things do make a difference. This weeks release brought some small changes to opsi-backup that should make the handling of opsi backups easier in day-to-day life.

The first change improved automatic detection of restorable data. There is no need anymore to pass what backends should be restored as the new mechanism will by default restore all backend data that is found in your backup file. This boils a restore for most cases down to opsi-backup restore <backupfile>.

The second change is that if any combination of options is given that would lead to not performing a restore the process will be aborted which is much easier to spot.

And the last change is that it is now possible to get a short listing to see what data (backendtype and if there is configuration data) is in a backup with the command opsi-backup list <filenames>

Go give it a try and send us some feedback! All you need is opsi-utils or newer which can currently be found in the testing branch.