Meet the team


Erol is a uib staff member since 2003. He works as a core opsi developer since 10 years. Since 2016 he is a managing director at uib, before that he was a leading developer in the opsi project. He has worked in a big datacenter in Germany for five years with a focus on Unix/Linux-administration and infrastructure services.


Karsten works for uib since the year 2000. He trains people in using opsi, is part of the customer support team and maintains the opsi appliance (aka. opsivm).


Mathias graduated in Computer Science in 2015. Since then he works at uib. His tasks involve the build of the opsi-linux-bootimage, the internal test environment and development of opsi server packages. In addition he supports customers whenever they need assistance.

Niko (ex-uib-member)

Niko loves coding in Python. He works at uib and is responsible for developing and maintaining opsi. In his free time you probably will find him riding a bike.

Nils O.

Nils is a mathematics student since winter 2015. While studying he works at uib. He is responsible for implementing smaller projects such as developing a testing framework for the configed-GUI. As soon as he has enough time you'll find him all over the world.

Nils D.

Nils is part of the uib backend team since 2020. He is eager to automate things and make workflows simple, reproducible and robust. At the moment his focus lies on the client side of things.