Reproducable Debian Packages

If you are following tech news you probably read that this week Debians efforts in having reproducible builds resulted in making it a policy that packages should be reproducible. In short this means that given the source could anyone should be able to reproduce the resulting packages that are distributed through the Debian repositories.

I think this is very good!

Over at the GitHub page you can have a look inside the repositories and you will find all parts that are needed for building. Whenever we release a new version the commit used for that package receives a tag. This is useful not only in pinning down changes between different versions but also if we want to provide patches for specific versions.

Regarding git we still have some repositories left to migrate from Subversion but I am confident to get this tackled until the end of the year. Then everything will be accessible at one location - again.

News from the Machine Room - Summer Season 2017

This is just a small update from the machine room.

Summer season has hit the office and many of our co-workers enjoy their holidays. The developer team is helping out in the support to not have any shortcomings for our customers.

Other than that we are in preparation of a new release for opsi 4.0 that will bring support to some newer distributions - Debian 9, openSUSE Leap 42.3 and Univention Corporate Server 4.2.

Unfortunately this delays the release of opsi 4.1. The upside is: we can have support for these distributions right at the release. While some preparations still need to be done we are making good progress.

I hope to be back soon with longer posts. Until then: enjoy your summer!